Do you like the word Disabled? This is for people that have a disability.


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I like it. To me it's not a negative or ill-will sounding word. I love😄 being a "Senior Citizen", free food and services with hundreds of discounts, (some up to 50%) BOGO = Buy One Get One Free. 

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It kind of depends on how you're saying it.

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Hi Sarah. I neither like nor dislike it. It's an adjective and has a function.

Unfortunately, like a lot of other adjectives it's fallen victim to the vagaries of political correctness. I'm short, bald and old but nobody's allowed to call me that any more. They have to say that I'm a vertically challenged, follicly disadvantaged, senior citizen.

Sarah, I HATE being a senior citizen but I'm very happy to be old. Unfortunately, the PC brigade will no longer allow us to call a spade a spade so they have created a whole list of inoffensive words that people must use in case we accidentally offend another person.

But, my question for you is, what do YOU think about "disabled"? Do YOU find it offensive?

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Dear Sarah Jackson Bennett,

The short answer is yes, I do like the word disabled. I have been disabled with multiple chemical sensitivities since 1987, although not officially until 1992 or so...

* * *

To get more to what your real question might be...over those years, I have seen society run through series of PC terms, trying to run away from the negative connotations. But the real fact is that diversity of human existence/experience is precious...

...and that is where we need to put our education not in chasing the latest PC term.

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I have been disabled for years now.

Words are just words you have to consider

the source they are coming from.

Some people just don't know any better.

Maybe they will learn some day and maybe they wont.

Forget about!!

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