Do you consider a girl who wears glasses sexy? Also a smart girl?


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Intellect lasts a lifetime, but a woman who wears glasses doesn't actually tell the whole story.

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Matt Radiance answered

Sexiness and Smartness are so far to be defined by simple pair of glasses.

-About appearance, to me everyone has their own unique way of appearance. Glasses are products with many shapes and sizes. It's good to find a pair that fits our eyes and face. So it can look more suit. Then it boost our look one way or another as well.

About smartness, glasses can't be a sign of knowledge. Intellect, has many definitions inside varied perspectives. Who is smart ? Someone do math ? Someone who read many books ? Someone who never red any book but can handle many subjects ? Someone who left out school and then became a famous musician ?

People can be smart in different subjects. Lionel Messi is soccer smart. Tom Cruz is acting smart, Michael Schumacher was driving smart! And if he put glasses on, reading ones, is he smart ? No he can't see so he can't drive anymore! Something he's smart at.

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