Does glasses make a person attractive?


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It can if you get a style of glasses that works for your facial build. I took a friend with me to help pick out a good style. People tell me I rock my glasses!

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Matt Radiance answered

It's up to individuals.

Attractiveness doesn't have a certain law, every person refer to attractiveness differently.

Glasses are an accessory and fashion. Something to help you to look good, have your own style and prestige. But i know this for a fact that it can be attractive to some people (as i said about individuals). (reading glasses and other eye required glasses can be considered fashionable as well)

An example, Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven. This glass is darn awesome on him, a great choice, it fits him very nicely in my point of view.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I wear x-ray glasses so all the ladies look attractive to me. Well, some do.

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Didge Doo answered

Megan, I once found myself in deep doo-doo for telling a friend that she looked great without glasses.

She said, "I don't wear glasses."

And I said, "But I do."

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Jaimie JT answered

I'm hot as' In glasses ... Cos I said so ... I think I need to change my avitar now to a glasses pic then ;p

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Chris Mollo , Wearing corrective lenses since 1986!, answered

I never thought glasses were to be worn as a fashion accessory.  I started wearing glasses at a very early age (11 or 12), and I absolutely hated it.  Of course, my first pair were thick and boxy!  I was pretty popular in school, that is BEFORE I had to wear glasses ALL the time!

I think we all know that it won't increase your popularity in elementary school if you become a "four-eyed geek," which happened to be my quickly assigned nickname (thanks John Smith - you know who you are!).

My attitude slowly changed about glasses as my body developed into adulthood.  I even got contact lenses and decided I didn't like them.  Hence, I reverted right back to wearing my specs.

It wasn't until I reached my early twenties that I began to appreciate the value of glasses.  I took a new job and began working with a VERY attractive brunette.  I wanted to ask her out, but I knew dating a co-worker would be a bad idea.  Surprisingly, she began dropping hints that she might like to go on a date.  Long story short - I asked her out and I got "lucky" on the very first date!  Days later, I asked her what it was about me that attracted her.  She immediately said "It's the glasses.  You look like a very intelligent man and that's sexy."  I was FLOORED!

So, to answer your question - In my experience glasses certainly make a person look more attractive!  Then again, beauty is in the "four-eyes" of the beholder!

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Chips Ters answered

Hello, of course glasses add attractiveness to a person, especially girls. I am a big fan of sunglasses myself and wear them all year round. Each model of glasses fits different clothes, so I have a lot of them. I recently found some great sunglasses at that many celebrities prefer to wear. These are glasses of the pretavoir brand that really make any person very stylish.

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