Are you attractive?


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You bet, just look at me:

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
That's a good mix!! My daughter is not a Star Trek fan, so she has no idea of the reference. It's kinda of like an inside joke that only I am aware of around here. :) I used to work for a cafeteria/Restaurant called Luby's. People came through line and we put what they wanted on their plates. One day a guy came through and he had an odd looking ridge going down the side of his his neck. I told my manager, who was a huge ST fan, that we had a Cardassian in line,
He scanned the line until he saw the guy, busted out laughing and had to go back to the kitchen for a few minutes. :)
Ancient Hippy
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Oh man, that could have been embarrassing.
Karen aka Bailey's Mom
The man was far enough down the line, and I whispered it to my manager. He was one of my all time favorite bosses, we got along really well.
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I'm handsome,powerful successful , handsome,powerful, successful . . . :))

Anyway! I can't tell! I mean nobody can! Attractiveness is something that defined as thousand of meanings by millions of people!

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Most definitely. Whenever I got out walking I attract flies.

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