Do you photograph well?


10 Answers

Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

You'd have to ask someone else who's seen a picture of me....cos I can't tell, I look at this mug every day! 

Jann Nikka Profile
Jann Nikka answered

Yes 👹this is me.

Corey The Goofyhawk Profile
Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I don't really think so, but Mrs. Goofyhawk keeps snapping photos so I guess I'm not too bad.

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

Sure, sometimes. The pic I chose for my profile pic was one of the best I could find. A lot of them I just look awkward in.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

No! But then again it could be that pictures make me face the denial I have been living in. There is no way I can actually look as aged or gained as much weight as pcitures make me look I have.

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