Have you ever done volunteer work just because you wanted to?


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Yep!  I've been working with the Humane Society for years.  Boy, oh boy.  THAT'S an expensive endeavor, but well worth it.  Several other services too. 

This guy from my hometown is amazing!!!  He won CNN's Hero of the Year!  It's a pleasure to support this team.


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Walt O'Reagun answered


I've always done volunteer work for one of two reasons ... Either I was looking for some training out of it, or I was "volunteered" to do it by a higher authority (parents or employer).

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yep ! Every day ! I volunteered to be an Administrator for blurtit a couple years back. I'm glad I did too !

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Ancient Hippy answered

I volunteer every tax season at the local senior center, helping those old people fill out their income tax papers. I'll do it for as long as my ancient brain will allow me. I help throughout the year discussing and helping them with social security problems or questions too.

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I would cut grass for many of my elderly neighbors quite often when I lived at my parents. I didn't charge anything, but they were grateful and often insisted I have some cookies or homemade lemonade. You never say no to your elders, lol.

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