How would you describe the qualities of a sexy spoken word voice of a woman?


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Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered

Fenella Fielding.

Jaimie  JT Profile
Jaimie JT answered

I think it depends on what she says and not the sound of her voice ... I have a young sounding voice though so that's my answer :) if I tried to sound sexy I'd feel a fool :) but I'm sexy and I know it :p

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

Goosebumpily, hairstanduponbackofneckily.

Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass answered

It's an interesting question because I feel there are certain types of voices that just "sound" attractive, but I don't consciously know what qualities actually trigger that feeling.

Scarlett Johansson voiced an operating system in the movie HER and that got pretty romantic, so maybe there's something in that...

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