Should beauty contests be banned (particularly for younger children)?


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I think they have run their course. Women are doing so many other things nowadays, such as running and even starting businesses, politics,  advancements in the sciences. I think objectifying them in pageants are losing their appeal. I can't tell you the last time I even watched a pageant.

And the ones with children in them definitely need to go. The time, energy and money that parents put into them would be much better spent on the child's education. I personally feel that too many of those parents are just using their children to get attention they want, which is just sad.

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I certainly agree that the younger children pageants are inappropriate psychologically for their age & even the older pageants can be attributed to eating disorders with other women.
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Simply because I believe ... If people want to make idiots of themselves, that's their business.

I *would* like to see an age limit ... No one under 18 ... But I don't know how that would work, unless we also outlaw child models.  Well, with modern technology I guess we could use CG "children" to "model" clothing and have their pictures on stuff.

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