What do you think about breast implants?


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It's pretty obvious when someone has them. They don't look real.

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Ancient Hippy
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She was a 5 year survivor and was deemed cancer free but passed away from another form of cancer a few years later.
Arthur Wright
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OMG!! I am so sorry my friend. I feel like a fool as I had no idea here
Ancient Hippy
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No, no, no, please don't feel bad, you had no idea. She passed 12 years ago at a young age.
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I saw an older woman on the beach once who clearly had implants.  You could see the implants under her skin.  It was awful.

There are many health issues with implants.  It only makes sense for women who have had a mastectomy and are bothered by the appearance post-surgery. 

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Cancer patients very good 😄.

If they make you happy good 😄.

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I have had friends who have had trouble filling an A cup and got a B or C implant. For them, their self esteem soared after the surgery, and for them it is a good thing. For those who go to unrealistic and unnatural sizes, they should spend their money on psychological counseling instead. As for me, I am naturally big chested. While it is not something I would normally consider, I am also at high risk for breast cancer. I would do reconstructive surgery, and that would include implants should I develop cancer. For me to go from a DDD to nothing would invite questions from acquaintances that I don't feel is any of their business. Having reconstructive surgery would hopefully fend off some of that.

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Walt O'Reagun
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One of my friends has similar issues. She has large breasts, and wishes she could afford reduction surgery. We joke that medical technology needs to find a way for "breast transplants".
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I accept it only in medical terms.

Personally, i don't like it, because we faking it anyway! I believe we shouldn't change our appearance by implants,surgery & such.  I prefer the natural look & design which created by DNA. However, the technology progressed, technology is good for humanity, but these technologies get created by different people with different thoughts. I mean because something "new" invented, we shouldn't consider doing/using it blindly & actually makes it a trend! Anything that get invented, we need to first think of it's cons & pros, safeties & risks, then how we can live with it. Then make our final decision.

Due that, i won't never have problem with people that doing these implants or surgeries i mean i never bring it to their face like they done it & i don't like it. If they feel it's fine to them & they feel comfortable with it. Then it's their life, their decision, & from the people that i haven't met to closest people to me, i respect any female who choose these implants. Because their life is theirs. They can do anything they want to it.

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Advisability of course best determined by patient and doctor.

Personally, a number of girls I knew in my late 20's and early 30's had or got them.

Depending on the type of surgery needed, there was a potential side effect of loss of feeling in the nipple.  (Hope that problem has been solved---I wouldn't want a girl I was intimately involved with to have that problem.)

Type of implant material was at least a partial determinant of how they feel. 

Meaningful psychological boost to women who had been brainwashed(?) to think their breasts were too small.

Probably helpful for those who require / choose breast reconstruction procedures.

First implants ( http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-17511491 ) placed spring, 1962 

Haven't seen any of the women I knew with implants in 40 years--I have no idea of how they have fared over the years.

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Nothing against it, but the idea doesn't appeal to me personally.  Perhaps if I were young and needed reconstruction after a mastectomy, but not for enhancement.

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I think they're really good if a lady's breasts had to be removed due to medical reasons, however, if a lady had them implanted just  look better (they don't; they look fake, and you can always tell when they are implants), I don't think it is ethical because of the risks involved with the surgery.  On top of that, the cost involved with it is not one anyone should be spending to make themselves look good.

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As a well endowed lady I simply can't understand this fad of implants.  Have these women looked at bras for large breasted women?  They look like two catcher's mitts sewn together, not feminine at all and then there's the strain of the straps on the shoulders and the sore places where the straps are. 

Problems finding clothes to fit because what fits on the shoulders gapes across the bust.  I'd give a lot to be just a normal size.

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Personal choice of the woman involved.  However, I agree with someone above who suggested spending the money on counseling.  We've been brainwashed into thinking bigger is better and it ain't true.  Most of the women I find really attractive have smaller breasts. 

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They'd look silly on me. Now, .. Intelligence implants.. I'd have one of those....

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