Do you hate shopping for clothes like me?


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I really hate shopping for clothes in a store. I buy 95% of my clothes online. I know which brands fit me in certain sizes.

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No, I Love Shopping.

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Jann Nikka
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Reyhaneh Seyyed Hosseini
Me toooooooo
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Woof Woofy answered

Yes. Pants are what gets me. I hate pants shopping. I can never find pants that are the right length.

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Matt Radiance answered

I love shopping but here's the thing, i only go to shopping when i know i want to "shop" in an actual way without a doubt. I hate to go "shopping" but just be visitor of the stores.

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I love shopping but not for clothes. I hate having to look at my reflection for too long. It just seems like clothes aren't made for my body shape and everything looks ridiculous on me and then I just see all my flaws and it brings my confidence way down until I want to cry so I just buy cookies and go home.

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YES! It's one of the worst things to do, so I only go when I absolutely have to. If I only need a thing or two, I'll order it online and ship it to my door. I'd much rather get items online.

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I hate it. Nothing ever fits me. I admit I am overweight, but even when I was thinner nothing fit right. I am "well endowed" so if a shirt fits "the girls", it is too big in the shoulders and around the middle, often making me look even larger. Pants are just as bad. Clothing companies seem to think because I wear a larger size I must either be 5'10" and add 4 inches to the length, or they assume I have wide thighs. Neither of those are true. It wasn't much better when I was thinner.

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