Is there any difference between a purse and a handbag?


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Veronica Dultry answered

According to what I read there might be a difference if you live in England.

The British English refer to purses as in coin purses, wallets or pocket books. So it is possible for someone to carry a purse inside their handbag.

The American English reference to purses is synonymous with a handbag. Also American English uses purses or handbags to refer to everything from clutches, satchels, hobos and everything in between.

So if you live in England there is a difference, here in the states, not so much.

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Depends where you are.  In the US a purse is a handbag also sometimes called a pocketbook (I have no idea why) a change purse is the little coin purse. In the UK a handbag is the equivalent of a US purse and a purse is the thing you keep your money in.

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