How can I look like a Rock star?


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Alize Townsend answered

Wear lots of black, chains, and a sick mohawk :^)

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Bradley Lomax answered

Now there's multiple rock stars out there and I often imitate their dress sense myself now presuming you mean gleam heavy rockers of the 80's. First I would suggest get a certain few band looks or styles as again there are many different looks and genres . First there's the easily attainable clothes they wear as a lot of them wear leather jackets also try get a few different items of leather clothing like pants prefer really tight ones and gloves as lots of rockers loved leather. Also add studded belts and or loose chains around yourself if your local retail doesn't harbour these try the Internet. I recommend etsy as they often have items like this preferably. Next there's more complicated looks Mötley Crüe and ratt they actually have full ensembles designed for them so I suggest making an inquiry to your local seamstress if you have one try show them the outfit you want making so they some sort of basis to go off . Finally there's the hair you'll need to grow it out so you mess and mood to get in a certain styles don't forget the hairspray as that is foundation of any good glam hair metal rock

Again outfits like these are best left to seamstresses as stores never pack outfits like these regrettably

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I think looking like the best person you can be .... Would make you a real "rock star".  Be your own authentic self!

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