Is it weird to be in just your underwear when a friend shows up?


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I think it's poor planning, deliberate or otherwise, put some shorts on. : )

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Matt Radiance answered

It depends! I mean if that happens suddenly, that's weird & it would be a shocking moment cause it's not appropriate but it happens out of control so what we should do now? If it's something that happened all of the sudden, then we better not make a big deal out of it cause there's no big deal, we all are humans & we all made by a body & wear underpants, so not a big deal.

But if you've been in your underwear on purpose till your friend shows up, & it's been so obvious also for your friend to recognize it like you are siting with your underpants on & waiting for him, that's totally weird, & not really fine cause i'd agree with (Tiger) here, no class & kind of would makes the opposite person feel  awkward, uncomfortable & surely curious like what the heck!

Your friend is male, if that friend of yours had been female, then I would say it's so rude & so disrespectful because behaving with a lady however the maturity & closeness of the friendship be, is different with a close guy friend in these topics. That's how I think.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

It depends on the friend. I have a really good friend that I would be extremely comfortable just wearing underwear. Why should he get special treatment. :D Good luck to you.

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Yo Kass answered

I guess it may depend on the type of underwear you're wearing and what kind of relationship you have with this friend...

Generally speaking though, this is not normal behaviour, and it will probably make your friend feel uncomfortable or weirded out if they are not used to seeing you in your underwear.

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