I have seen the term, Steampunk, referred to many times, especially in the area of fashion. What, exacly, is Steampunk?


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I asked a question about Steampunk a while back which you might find interesting: http://society-politics.blurtit.com/3870429/what-is-steampunk-and-why-is-it-associated-with-goth-subculture

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Corey The Goofyhawk
Hey, thanks for that link. That was very interesting to read that answer and see the connection. I consider myself a member of the gaming community and that is where is see the term, Steampunk, most often. Thank you.
Yo Kass
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Cool, no problem. Are there any "Steampunk games" out there? I always associated the genre with that Will Smith movie "Wild Wild West" :)
Corey The Goofyhawk
I'm not sure. I think the concept is an interesting idea. I'd like to see a game built from steampunk.

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