What does beauty mean to you?


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Darling Divaa answered

I think beauty is more on the inside of someone, than just the outside. Beauty to me is something that takes your breath away, like witnessing the birth of a child or a spectacular landscape. Beauty is an "outlook" on something, if that makes any sense. Someone who has a big heart and is very giving along with an awesome personality says beauty to me. 

Beauty is feeling happy and loved....

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Janet Carter answered

For me, beauty is not your outer look. I believe your thoughts make you look beautiful, not the makeup. Cause your happy face always comes from within, from inner soul & thats matter a lot.

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Nice Girl answered

Something that is wonderful from the inside! Beauty means that even if your lovely from outside but horrible from inside then you are not at all beautiful..... In other words I believe in inner beauty and so should everyone!

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Destiny Dreamer answered

Pretty is as pretty does. That's what my grandma said one time when I asked her if I was pretty. But everyone has their own opinion of what things they perceive as beautiful in life. Mine is watching the Lord work in peoples lives. Watching my children grow and learn new things. Horses and spring water. The mountains and the ocean. Gods creation Earth is beautiful. His plan is beautiful. And I believe everyone and everything has beauty or potential to be beautiful. It's everywhere and you can see it in almost everything if you look for it. Always be optimistic. Do you see the glass half empty or half full. Keep an open mind and then beauty can come right in. Beauty is in you.

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Kk polly answered

Nature, young love, animals that care, happiness, confidence, teamwork, marriage, grandmothers, creation, joy

These are what I find truly beautiful

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Fauzan Saadon answered

Beauty is an abstract word. You're the one who gonna shape and design thus give it a unique meaning that only you can appreciate.

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When I first became interested in enhancing my beauty—softening the fine
lines that started to appear on my face after giving birth, restoring
my hair’s youthful lustre, and ridding myself of cellulite.

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