Seriously can anyone tell me if I am attractive... on a scale from 1-10.Please. Tell the truth I don't care that much.. I'm not looking for compliments. It's a sincere question from someone who doesn't know how to evaluate males?


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Well, I could answer you....however my answer would be based on physical attributes. For me, what makes someone attractive is a combination of things, the main part being what the person is made if on the inside...their heart, their soul, their personality....the outer shell of a wonderful inside....makes no difference, at least to me.

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Toto Rina
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Yeah but that's the problem.You see I want an answer about how I look from the outside. I just can't get an answer to this simple questions.Just hate comments (except for your friend's one).
I'm gonna try my luck again tomorrow....jeez this is getting ridiculous. Anyways happy to know there are rational thinking people on the internet..(like myself :P ignore this whole event)
Rooster Cogburn
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That's a good idea. Try again tomorrow! I'll try to keep an eye out and delete any bad content. Take care.
Toto Rina
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Hmm can't people see my profile pic? Is there a way I can post a picture for people to see it?
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You are not giving people enough time to answer.

I don't know about other people, but I can't see your picture.

That could be why  people are not responding.

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It doesn't really matter how fat you are as long as you know how to dress up and carry yourself in front of people. 

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There's no pic, plus you didn't give time for people to answer. Also, stop with the caps.

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