How do Victoria's Secret Angel points work?


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Victoria's Secret offer a type of credit card known as the Angel Card.  You earn 1 Angel point per $1 you spend on your credit card at Victoria's Secret, and are awarded with reward gifts when you've accumulated a certain number of Angel points.

There are three credit cards available with Victoria's Secret:

  1. Angel card - standard credit card
  2. Angel VIP card - awarded when you've reached 500 Angel points.
  3. Forever Angel card - awarded when you've reached 1000 Angel points.

There are differing rewards with each card.  You'll receive higher cash bonuses with the Angel VIP and the Forever Angel Card.  The following, however, is a brief outline of the standard Angel card rewards.

  • £10 reward each time you earn 250 points (spend $250).
  • A birthday gift of $10.
  • Triple points throughout your anniversary month.
  • Early access to sales.
  • Double points on bra purchases.
  • First to receive news updates.

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