How to make my face less oily?


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Everyone's face is oily. Teenagers have more of an oily face because they might get pimples. Just try to wash your face more. It should help. :)

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If your face is more oily, it means you have a oily skin, so there are some kinds of cream that you can find in the shop of beauty, they are specially for oily skin with some treatment.

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For this, the best work is to cut off oily food from your diet or just don't eat it too much if you cant cut it off completely!

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Having an oily face can be really annoying,
especially when you are out and about. I always use pressed powder to
make my face look less oily, as it is very easy to apply when you are
out of the house. However I know that this method doesn't actually
help with oily skin, it just covers it up.

There are some things you can do though that could
help you combat oily skin/ I have tried these methods in the past, and they actually do work:

  • Washing your face too much can make
    your skin worse. This is because if you keep washing the oil off
    your face, then your skin feels that it needs to work overtime to
    produce even more! Reduce the washing down to only once a day or

  • Your skin is influenced by lifestyle choices,
    so changing these can change your skin's oil levels. Try eating lots of fruit and
    veg and less unhealthy things, too much dairy can also make your
    skin oily.

  • You could also try getting more sleep and
    exercising more.

  • Make sure you don't put moisturiser on your

  • Although this may sound like the worst thing
    to do, putting more oil on your skin can actually help. It will
    trick your skin into believing it already has enough oil so will not
    produce any more.

If these methods fail, there are products out
there that can help, but all of these are quite pricey - and often natural and free methods are just as good. Try these solutions first and see if they help.

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I also I have oily skin. My suggestions is to use an oil absorber and to wash your face mornings and night with your favorite products. When using make up use a powder and foundation that has no oily chemicals in it. It will decrease the pimples and help have less oil on your face through out the day. :)

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This is not complicated as you will find so many good products out there. If
your skin condition is severe, I suggest that you consult a dermatologist.
Otherwise, you can simply buy yourself a Quinoderm 5 face wash. Use it two or
three times daily and it will drastically reduce the production of oil.

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