How low should I sag my pants?


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Nah...don't sag them at all, really, not flattering at all. Makes ya look like you got somethin' in your britches that you shouldn't have.

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How low you sag your pants might depend on your age according to one study!

It shows that the average waistline seems to fluctuate among men of different ages.

Do you think this could apply to you?

So as a teenager you would drop down to this:

But ends up hitting a "high point" at 57 years of age:

Another interesting fact about sagging your pants is that doctors now think it might lead to sexual problems:

This is a problem you do not need in your life, so if this is true - I'd advise against sagging pants altogether.

Overall though, I think this video highlights the age-related dangers of sagging pants:

(warning! Contains some strong language)

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