Customizing my old hoodies. Is this is good idea?


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Hi there,

Customising clothing is a good way of up-cycling or changing the design of clothes that you don't like any more, are bored of or even damaged. There are many ways you can do this, from simply sewing on patches to getting creative with fabric paints depending on what look you are going for.

If you are looking to imitate a particular style just do a bit of research to give yourself some inspiration. But If you are looking to come up with your own unique look you could do a few sketches first to come up with your designs.

If you want to add pockets, zips, buttons or trimming to your hoodie, look in fabric or haberdashery shops to get the right materials. For patches and badges etc. There are many online outlets to check out, like Ebay or Amazon, if its a band name or logo try a local alternative clothing store or again, online. If you can't find what you are looking for, paint the design with fabric paints onto some calico

you could also have a go at using the fabric or parts of other clothes to turn into new parts to go on your hoodie, like to line the hood in contrast colour.

Here is an example of adding embellishment to a hoodie.

Or you could be brave and cut up the hoodie you intend to wear!

As far as if it is a good idea or not, I'd say get creative and go for it!           

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Very creative, just the one on top of head reminds me of plaster but the rest is super.
Carol Smith
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Hi, very nice and creative too. Thank you for detailed explanation. As you have answered my question very creatively, can you tell me how to make money from customized hoodies?
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I think you customising your old hoodies is a very
good idea. Especially if this means you are more likely to wear it

Customising old clothes is a great way to re-use
something that you are unlikely to otherwise wear again. It can give an item of clothing a new
lease of life! It will also save you money as you won't have to buy a
new hoodie again for a while.

Customising an old hoodie is also a good idea because this way, you can
design it exactly how you want it to look. There are lots of tips on the
internet on how to decorate old clothes, so you could take a look at
these if you run out of ideas. However your imagination is your best
tool, as you will end up with an end product that is totally suited
to you!

If what you are doing to the hoodies is really
effective, you could even think about making a business out of your
hobby. I'm sure lots of people would like an item of clothing that is
unique to them. Offering something that no one else has is a very positive
selling point.

You could try selling your designs online or to
your friends, they would also make a great present to your friends
and family!

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