How Can I Make A Dye Out Of Mango Extract?


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Preparing a dye for fabrics out of mango extract originated in India and is a traditional method of obtaining dye for cloth while dyeing cloth in Asia. Dye can be obtained not only from the fruit of the mango tree but also from its leaves and bark. While the techniques of extracting the dye vary greatly there are many effective methods to do so.

In order to prepare a textile dye out of mango extract- you first need to remove the bark from a mango tree. Beat the stems thoroughly and you will soon see that a juice emerges from the bark. Carefully collect the juice and put it in a separate vessel. Mix it thoroughly with some lime and turmeric- it will turn a soft rose pink shade. This dye can be used to dye a variety of fabrics including woollen, cotton and silk fabrics.

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