Is there a definite way to grow your hair faster? I really need some tips!


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Having a healthy balanced diet is important in growing your hair quickly. Eat foods which contain protein, vitamin B, C, A, D, and E. 

Take the supplements if necessary. Also exercise and increase blood circulation.

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Yeah...My elder sister  was suffering from heavy hair damage

after her foreign trip to Belgium...what she did was she applied a mask out 1 egg white, 1 onion juice,1 teaspoon almond oil,1 teaspoon black tea,1 teaspoon Aloe Vera,1 teaspoon olive oil...she applied this for an hour every day and once in a week she washed her hair with beer...

Guys believe me her hair which was already thickened was shining like anything..I took her photo as she loved her hair very much.....

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Eat healthy and try not to stress

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The fact is that you can make your hair grow faster. It is a process that will happen gradually. Proper and balanced diet highly contributes to a healthier hair growth. Take good care of your hair, oil it regularly, trim split ends, brush it smoothly and apply hair masks that suit your hair type.

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