Why does aloe vera make my skin itch?


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If Aloe Vera is
making your skin itch, it could be a mild allergic reaction. If you
are using aloe vera cream or lotion, it could be that you are having
a reaction to another ingredient within the lotion, and it may be
worth trying a different brand. I would recommend trying pure aloe
from the plant itself, if you can get hold of some, or otherwise most
health stores sell 100% aloe vera gel, which doesn't have anything
added to it. If this still makes your skin itch, then chances are you
are probably allergic to the plant itself, in which case I would try
another remedy.

There are lots of
good natural alternatives to aloe vera. Depending on what you are
using it for, you could try coconut or lavender oil, or tea tree oil,
although that can sting too, and is not as soothing. Pop into your
local health store like Holland and Barrett and they should be able
to advise you :)

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You can have an allergy to aloe Vera, this is rare, but can
happen. Aloe Vera is an excellent for skin care. However, it can cause
infections or skin irritation. Although it’s quite uncommon, people who are
allergic to plants in the Liliaceous family can be allergic to aloe vera as
well. These people can develop skin rashes, hives, itching, swollen skin, chest
pain, irritation in the throat, breathing trouble etc after using aloe vera. If
you have such reactions, discontinue use and consult a doctor. You can also refer custom essay writing service online to
get a best guidelines and suggestion.

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