I'm as thin as a stick. I eat a lot but i don't gain much weight at all. I guess it seems to run in my genes because my mum is pretty thin. I feel uncomfortable not wearing a jumper or jacket. Help?


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Dear Anonymous,

I am just like you. I probably am thinner than a stick. I too feel uncomfortable without my jacket, but you know what? WHO cares. You are thin for a reason. God created you like that. THIN. Be proud of yourself than feeling sad for yourself. 

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it seems like being thin is a common factor that runs in your family. Instead of being uncomfortable because of it, why don't you start loving it? It's your own body and it is beautiful the way it is. Of course you might want to improve it or change it a little bit: You could try and do some exercises to become stronger and develop a bit of your muscular tissues, but I wouldn't obsess over the fact that you're too thin as long as you're healthy and take care of your own body.

You should feel free to wear whatever you want. As Daniela said, be proud of yourself! Now that it is summer ( depending on where you live actually ) you could also wear dresses, skirts and longer shirts which do not need to be necessarily tight. I always use larger shirts because they are more comfortable and I always take them one size larger than I usually wear. For example, you could wear a pair of shorts and a larger top or shirt on top of that. These below can only be a few examples:

Firstly though, you should just accept your body and who you are. You are beautiful and worthy of love and respect, but these must first come from yourself. I hope this helps! (:

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Thank you so much! This question was kinda dated for me. I really appreciate the time you put into answering my question. Right now it is transitioning into Winter in Australia. Speaking of Australia, it is hard to find a good piece of clothing that is not so expensive. Obviously the currency is different to the US but you guys have way better designs and choices with a reasonable price. Anyways, your answer has helped a lot and you deserve more followers! :)
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Well, if you want to avoid looking skinnier AVOID WEARING BLACK!!!

Find cutiepiemarzia on YouTube she has a video talking about different kinds of body shapes and what you should wear depending on your shape. In fact, skinny as a twig is the first one in the video!

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