What is the best place to get a good pair of cowboy boots for men in the US?


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I'm assuming you're not in the US to buy the cowboy boots, but really you should always try cowboy boots on before you buy!  

Maybe if you are going there on vacation you could have a look for this brand of boot which my friend Phil swears by.  They are called Justin Boots . They are made in California but sold all over the US.

Here is the link to their site Justin Boots

They've got a list of retailers you can find either online - there seems to be quite a list - or you can browse the map.

Phil loves them because they have a good reputation and great selection. He says if they don't fit when you first try them on - don't buy them - they won't 'wear in'.     

If you want to go upmarket and be really cool - there is a brand called Lucchese 


They really are superb and not so expensive if you consider you'll be able to wear them for - maybe 10 - 15 years?

It's a good time to buy right now when you can get nearly $1.70  to the GB pound! 

That makes this pair about £500 (if you include shipping)!

Here's the link to their site Luccese Boots

Good luck!

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