How Can I Take The Waist In On Pants?


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To take your pants in, assuming they have a waistband,and a front zip, you first need to measure and mark them on yourself.
To do this put them on inside out, since you will be pinning them on the seams which are on the inside pin along the stitching of the side seams, and then the stitching down the back you need to taper it from the max at the waist edge and slowly taper it until it meets the stitching below the hips. If the angle is too sharp it will bulge. You should use dressmakers chalk to mark this line, it will make it easier when you sew it.
Repeat this at the back seam.
Then remove the pinned pants which you have pinned, taking care to not prick yourself.
You will now have to remove the waist band by unpicking it.on the sides and back, so once you have sewn the back and side seams and trimmed the excess,you can then press the seams flat and replace the waist band by tucking the seams back in and sewing them flat.Go slowly maintaining the right tension on your machine
Phew! they should fit like a dream now
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