What kind of sunscreen should I use?


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Amanda Layne answered

Depends on the color of your skin and how long you expect to be out in the sun.

I use a sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) 30 because sometimes I burn pretty easily. Most common ones are 15, 3, and 50 but I think you might be able to get even stronger ones for mega sensitive people.

Oh the other thing is you shouldn't be out in the sun for more than 2 hours without putting more sunscreen on.

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shayan jameel answered

if you wanna get a tan use SPF 15 every half hour but if your going to
be out for longer periods of time or you don't wanna get any color i'd
say SPF 40. If your skin is really fare use 40 anyway.         

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nazia ali , Use it already!, answered

Neutrogena SpF 70! Just to make sure you're really protected :D 

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John Keller answered
It is certainly best to make use of a high SPF, particularly if you like your skin colour and do not wish to turn out to be more dark. Utilizing a higher SPF provides the skin much more safety from the dangerous Ultra violet rays in the sunlight which are recognized to trigger cancer of the skin, along with other dangerous skin disorders, I would suggest utilizing a higher SPF, but there's absolutely no particular SPF you need to make use of. Try to look for the very best choice for you.
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Dr. Suzi Turner , President - HMS Crown, Inc., researcher, writer, doctorate - naturopathic medicine, webmaster, answered

The best sunscreen is a hat, long sleeves, and covers like your grandmother used to wear.  SPF (sun protection factor)  are dangerous --  chemicals that may screen the sun, but have questionable side effects. Some even say they are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

A natural sunscreen is a mineral cream containing zinc like the old fashioned zinc oxide.


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