Why do people get wrinkles?


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Weight and moisture loss in the skin as it ages, plus essential fatty acids, vitamins, etc. Other get more premature ones by squinting all the time or having an unnatural expression on their constantly. Its just a way of aging as your skin starts shifting here and there and sagging, it is inevitable

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Evelyn Kelly answered

Most of the time wrinkles are only the results of age and
unhealthy skin. It’s a natural process as when we aged then collagen produced
is reduced. It is this collagen that is responsible for wrinkles.

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Roy Parker answered

Wrinkles are one of the aging signs that comes with age. It is absolutely natural and no one can deny it. But, it is a problem when it appears before the time. Unhealthy lifestyle leads to these early aging signs. But one can delay these aging signs with the help of some Super Effective Anti Aging Home
. Also, follow a balanced diet and do exercise.

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Joshua Miller , Health blogger, Zovon, answered

Aging is the process of the degeneration of cells and tissues, which results in many physical and mental changes. It is a complex biological process, which causes deterioration of health with the passage of time. I think eating anti-aging foods and having a healthy lifestyles are good to manage the aging issues. The anti- aging foods provide nutrition to the skin and other organs and maintain the optimum health condition. There are several anti-aging foods that can overcome the aging. Some other lifestyle management like proper sleep, drinking plenty of water, and many more. Get more info at

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