What Brand Of Lace Or Satin Panties Have The Widest Crotch?


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Also known as the gusset, the crotch of a panty is an essential part for its comfort. The easiest way to find the answer to which panty’s crotch is the largest is to try several on for size or to investigate online. Carole Panties, found at pleasingpanties.com, do panties of quite wide crotches, whereas Bubble Bloomer ones have an inner seamless layer six inches in width, with an outer seamless layer in a bubble-style bloomer. It does seem that six inches is plenty of width, especially being useful for cross-dressers and men with a fetish for panties.

Others which are recommended include Body Caress and Hipsters. In the 1940s, new styles of women's undergarments became available in the West that possessed a greater sense of sexuality focused on comfort and individuality, versus functionality and conformance to a certain body type. Colorful, bright, and flashier fashions of women's lingerie were becoming available.

More fabrics began to be incorporated into the makeup of women's lingerie, making them more desired by females and more sensual to males. This is when panties became more than simple hygiene products and developed into an icon of pleasure and sexuality worldwide. Since then, women in flattering and provocative panties and lingerie have become a staple of several functions of male and lesbian popular culture.
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Bali Freeform, #2142 has the widest crotch. It is normally 4 inches wide but will stretch in width to 5 1/2 inches. These are 100% nylon, and can be found at most dept stores and also at the outlet stores (Leggs-Hanes-Bali Factory Outlets). Usually 3 for $18.
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Warner's Perfect Measure Nylon Hipster have a wide crotch. They fit over my package great!
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Go on eBay and search for "Sissy panties". Most will tell you if the crotch is wider than normal. 4" is what I enjoy. Lots of sellers that cater specifically to men. I also love to go to Victoria's Secret and tell them that you are shopping for yourself.  All will be happy to help you. In fact most stores will be or at least pretend to be happy to help. If they don't than they are discriminating against men and are subject to a sizable law suit. If you catch grief than mention to management about sexually discriminating against men. Girls......that's a two way street!!
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I've been dying to go to Victoria Secret for some panties shopping.. Will they let me try them on?
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Shadow line panties stocks panties with wide crotch. They even carry panties with only a nylon crotch. I have about 20 pairs. They are only second to Vanity Fair which I love. You have to go to their website.
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Adonna at Penneys.  But have fun shopping around.  Trial and error with panties is great fun.  Or go to the mall and go through the panties racks if you have the nerve. Be brave.
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I believe I have seen www.lintimo.ch have a wide range of panties. See here: Www.lintimo.ch/slips-strings

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