How can I look beautiful in a frock for my school fairwell party?


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Adila Adila answered

Hey! Silly question! You'll look beautiful anyway, don't stress about it! Any nice sparkly number should do the trick! Then go for demure make-up and a sophisticated sleep up-do with your hair and wallah! Red-carpet worthy you will be in minutes!

I would say go for a purple dress with some sparkle or gems, purple is very in these days, shows independence and provides glamour when you need it and shows your stance very bold and brave.

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angie zhang answered

heyy I know how you're feeling ... You sometimes have noo clue what you want to wear and when you're limited eg. Going to a party with a dress code it does get pretty stressful.

we always worry about what we would look like , but one thing that will make you look great is feeling great in what you wear , frocks or not.

firstly although frocks may not exactly be the most appealing outfit but there are always lots of nice , good great looking frocks . Sometimes we may consider something as .. ''uh i would never wear that to this blah blah ' or ' that would never suit me ' , but although sometimes it takes time or lots of choice or trying on or browsing to find something that looks great , or would look good on you . Firstly don't think of impressing someone else by your clothes , wear something you feel good in , and compliments your figure , do not ever choose to wear something because you see lots of people looking great in it , because sometimes it doesnt suit us , so wear something that makes you feel good and you know you look alright in at least , because even though you may see something reallu good and when you wear it that day you feel like really sef conscious and wonder if you look good or not , so find something thats comfortable and makes you feel good AND also goes with the occasion :) 

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