I got a tattoo on my forearm when I was 18 and going through a wild stage. Big mistake. Now that I have my crap together, I want that thing GONE!! I need a relatively affordable way to get ride of it without breaking the bank. Any suggestions??


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Is there any chance you could simply cover it up with a more mature design?

If it's fairly small, uses light colors, or has started fading - then a cover-up would be the most convenient option.

I know you're trying to put that whole 'tattoo phase' behind you, but maybe its possible to find a design that's elegant and more 'you right now' as opposed to 18-year old you...

The plus side of that is it would only cost you the price of a new tattoo.

Your other option is laser removal.

Laser tattoo removal

A friend of mine is currently going in for regular sessions to remove a large tribal design from his arm, and it is:

  • costly (here in the UK prices range from £50-£200 per session)
  • painful (almost as bad as getting another tattoo done)
  • time consuming (most tattoos require 8-10 sessions)
  • will look pretty bad until it is removed:

Tattoo removal cream
There is a third option: Tattoo removal cream. This is meant to work by latching on the pigmentation, and then getting your body to reject it.
Unfortunately, the medical repercussions of that aren't 100% certain, and some doctors have spoken up against it - but it is something you could investigate!

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Honestly, this is why people tell your to obey/listen to your parents! I got one at 18, with meaning, that I LOVED, so I went a few months later to get another one I designed (I was in college for art at the time and loved my design) but my mistake was trusting it to someone who seemed to pop 'tic tacs' like crazy (being the good girl I was, I didn't know it was a certain illegal substance)....

Long story short, the design I trusted to an "artist" basically became some discolored gecko I designed that turned into a cartoony lump on my ankle. As much as I want it covered up... I can't bc it reminds me to never do something so reckless and stupid again without researching the place and person who will leave a lifetime 'impression' on my body. It's a mistake to remind you of something...

Ive still been researching and trying to find the one place to give me my final tattoo I designed, a dragonfly with both my kids in the upper webbing of the dragonfly's wings and their birth dates in the webbing of the lower wings and the flowers/clouds with names and dates of babies I lost. 

A tattoo shouldn't be placed on your body without meaning. Tattoos are meant to 'engrave' certain milestones in life, like a badge of courage, (like women who have given birth...their 'stretch marks' are a badge of courage, a natural tattoo that says they lived life.) Don't get anything as a way to 'fit in' or be 'accepted'. If you do, you need to accept the mistake and look at it as a lesson learned.

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