What are some good combacks when someone tells you that you make bad fashion choices? I posted anfew photos of me and my sister and someone commented that my sister has good fashion taste, unlike me!


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Just tell them you don't dress to get judged , you dress for your self , , other option is to tell her that her comments are so precious , she should charge money for them, why is she wasting them like this, I tried this one on a junior boy and it worked! This way we didn't become enemies and I also zipped his lips aswell!

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Just tell them screw it. There is no such thing as good or bad fashion choices. Your fashion choices define who you are as an individual and you should be proud of it. If people have a problem with that, then they aren't worth your time. Plus people can't tell you what to do, just like how you can't tell others what to do.

Although if you want to get back at them, criticize their fashion choices like about the ridiculous price they have to pay for their clothes, the impracticality of their clothing, or whatever. You can even say "if you don't like my clothing choices, how about you buy and pay for all my clothes from now on" or "you're not paying for my clothes, so why should I listen to you?" I wouldn't recommend in getting back at them since that would only make you stoop down to their level, but I can understand that it does feel good sometimes.

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Well look whos talking; as if; if i have bad taste then i wont say what you have; (if she is older) maybe to you granny; (if shes younger) you will be mature enough to understand when your older; etc.

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