Can Baldness Be Prevented At A Young Age?


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The most common cause of baldness in men is the side effects of secretion of a male hormone called androgens that can happen at a young age in men. In fact the process starts as early as puberty stage in boys. It is generally hereditary and families where men tend to go bald, the process generally manifests itself by the age of 30.

This type of baldness can occur in women too, but to a lesser extent and women do not go completely bald. There could be other causes of baldness such as deficiency of proteins and vitamins over a long period of time. Other causes could be diseases such as like syphilis, lupus, lymphoma, leukaemia can give rise to baldness. It also can happen due to certain treatments of cancer such as chemotherapy which gives rise to severe hair loss.

Baldness causes a lot of agony and embarrassment for young people and also restricts the social life. The baldness that results from deficiencies can be prevented by eating a well balanced diet that is full of vitamins and proteins. Other types of baldness that are a result of hormone imbalance can also be treated by various drugs. However, a good trichologist should be able to identify the real reason behind the hair loss and also in some cases treat it.
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Excessive product use (hair gel)
will definitely make your hair fall out over time, because you are
putting chemicals in your hair daily. You're a guy, so you probably
don't take long, hot showers, and you probably don't blow dry your hair,
but if you do, stop. Heat is bad for your hair. Girls should always
condition with cold water, because it closes your cuticles and prevents
hair loss, and I assume the same for guys. If you don't condition, then
use cold water for a few minutes before you get out of the shower.

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