What is the coolest footwear you've ever purchased?


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I don't know if you know what Nike Airmax's are but back in 1993 they made the best airmax's ever designed.. As a matter of fact they are still producing 1993 Airmax's just do to the high demand for that design.  Google it and find out for yourself..
Just FYI:  I have 5 pairs of 93' Airmax's all in different colors of course
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Great answer! Have you got any pics of these Airmax sneakers? You could include a photo in your answer... It'd really liven up the page :)
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Nike Mags, from Back to the Future

Following on from Activist's post about Nikes, I don't buy them myself, but I've got a feeling that the Nike Mags from the film, "Back to the Future" might qualify as the coolest footwear that someone I know has ever purchased!

Nike released only 1,500 pairs of these 'glow in the dark" sneakers in 2011, for auction on eBay.

All profits from the auction were to go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for research into Parkinson's disease - presumably because Michael J Fox suffers from the illness himself. 

He wore the shoes when he played Marty McFly in the time-travel film, as you can see in this clip:

My son works in a local sneaker store, where all the staff are obsessed with sneakers, especially Nikes - and so, when they heard about the limited edition release, their boss decided to try to buy some of the Nike Mags in the auction.

When he succeeded in obtaining a pair, the guys then built an installation, inspired by the movie, in the shop. It attracts attention every day, both in the shop, and online - and loads of articles have been written about it.

You can read more about the installation here, but I'm pretty sure these shoes would be considered the coolest purchase ever by all the Nike fans out there (even though I think they're absolutely horrible)!

Main Source "Back to the Future" Nike Mags installation

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Controversial answer! I know 'Back to the Future' has some die-hard fans, but I second you in thinking those shoes are unforgivable!
The look like something you'd wear after recovering from an accident.
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Too true. I think they're vile, though you and I seem to be in the minority!
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Last year, I got Nike sports shoes which is the best suits me and I'm really enjoyed to wear it.

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