If you buy more food than clothes, you are considered fat. True or false? I prefer clothes over food anyways since well you can eat a little.


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Alena Scott answered
I agree with Janey. Young generation is more attracted towards buying good clothes.
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Janey answered
Nah, that's an urban myth lol.If some people are busy and energetic and always on the go, then they will eat a lot and be able to burn off the calories as well.Buying more food doesn't make you fat if you eat healthily and avoid junk food.I think most young people will always buy more clothes anyways as they're more expensive and usually fashion conscious and interested in having a "good wardrobe".
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Sarah Johnson answered
I buy more food than clothes. Always have, even before I had kids. And I am definately not fat at 5'9" and 135lbs. All my siblings were the same way and my kids look like they'll be the same way as well. High metabolisms.

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