Can sunglasses be used as ski goggles?


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Janey answered
Not if you're actually going to ski, because they're not as strong as ski goggles, so if you fall they're just going to break into little pieces and you could damage your eyes with the splinters.
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I wore sunglasses for many years while skiing. A ski mask would be more effective in cold snowy conditions. If you can get a mask it would be preferable. I would just get my butt up there and have fun. Worry about more proper gear as you improve and have the budget for comfort.
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Mike McCarthy
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You are taking a big risk by using sunglasses as ski goggles, Stephan. Ski goggles are specially designed for skiing. Sunglassess are ONLY for the summertime. Sunglasses could crack in the cold weather & you'd get injured or worse.
Stephen Antonelli
I understand Mike, I figured my response might raise some concern. I skied with sunglasses for many years in down to -20 F temps. My glasses never shattered and if I fell i am confident they would pop out rather than shatter. The only reason I would wear ski goggles is if it was extremely cold and or snowing heavily. I haven't seen any data but I have never heard of anyone losing an eye from skiing with sunglasses. Most people in Colorado wear sunglasses while skiing.
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Well you can use them as ski goggles i do but janey is right you could get hurt of course i never even thought that the sunglasses could get you hurt ether way its your choice!
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Mike McCarthy
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No, sunglassess are NOT designed as ski goggles, Sara. Janey is absolutely right. Why take chances?

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