Can you hang clothes outside from where you live?


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Not too many people do these days since many people have dryers these days.
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Yes, hanging out the laundry is allowed here.
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No, I can't do it.
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The right to hang clothes is almost universal, which is why the vast majority of peoples still dry that way. Even in industrial countries, more and more are reverting to save otherwise wasted energy. The answer is yes, from where I live.
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Property assn't and landlords would seem to have a lock on being stupid. Actually, line drying of clother is standard practice for the most expensive residential property in the US. The notion of diminished property value is, as some might say, rubbish - indicative only of a desire to maintain exaggerated value on essentially too high investment on otherwise low value real estate.
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Mine go on the clothes line. If landlords dont like it they should supply tumble dryers.

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