Why Doesn't It Hurt To Pull Your Armpit Hair?


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That's A Quirky Question. I Would Have No Idea.   Maybe The Skin There Is Different? I Use Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover There And On My Legs. I Have Great Results And Can Go Weeks Before I Have To Do It Again. That Sounds Like A Strange Thing To Do.. With All The 4 Blade Razors Out There And Nair And Sally Hansen Stuff. HMM Why   Ask This?? Got Ideas ??
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You'll notice when you begin to pull an armpit hair, the skin is loose and comes along with the hair. It's almost like meeting you halfway. Whereas pulling one from an area where the skin is taut gives resistance and makes the extraction that much harder and a with a tinge of discomfort, and I really can't believe I'm even attempting to answer this imbecilic question. I just gotta get me a life.
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How right you are my friend - in more ways than one! When you find that life, let me know. I need one also as I am right here on the waste of time track.
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It does hurt. Maybe your sense of feeling has gone from that area. Given the answers so far it   means that quite a few people have lost thier sense of feeling from that area too which as I understand it could be caused by a deficency in vitamin B.
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Lol.It hurts me.Maybe you have no nerves in your armpit
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It is very interesting question. I also want to know the reason behind it.
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Lol. Wat? I does hurt, If u shave that doesn't hurt but if u pull. Ouch. I never did it but i'd hurt
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Well, personally, I have never pulled my armpit hair...don't think it has been long enough and I am not very hairy. But, whoa, I bet if u grabbed a guy's armpit hair and pulled, u might get a swift kick in the bonkers!!
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Because the skin of armpit area is very sensitive as compared to knee area. So take extra measures to deal with this area.

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