Why Do Girls Spend So Much On Clothes?


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Maddie qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Profile
Good point i kno im a girl but i hate it how many girls do spend so much time on their clothes
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Annie Devore answered
I Can't Afford To Buy Tons Of Clothes. I Shop At Walmart.. I Don't Care What Clothes Cost As Long As They Fit And  Are Comfy... I Think Of People That Can't Even Afford Pants Or Shoes. So I Buy Walmart Stuff On Sale. I Give My Clothes That Don't Fit To The Salvation Army
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Blabitty Blah answered
Hmm...cause we're girls lol
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Sophie Carroll answered

Hey. Good question! It’s not just women. Guys wear clothes also, and many of them care about fashion, style, and how they look. Talking about me I follow fashion and I want to look great in every season. Why not?:) By the way I even want to buy harness lingerie from MarieMur, highly recommend to check their models, they are amazing!

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Hannah Ashley answered
Girls like to look pretty.Clothes to them think it will do just that, but really you can waste LOTS of money on clothes.
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miraya ramirez answered
Well i know i spend a lot on clothess......it just a girl thing... Maybee to look good for someone...or maybe sometimes they just dont want people to look at them and say "eewwww"..
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London Clark answered
Hmmmmm. Its just a girl thing. Like how girls like strawberry stuff. And pink. (EWW! Hate pink! Luv black! Hmmmmm girl!) but its just a natural habit=) oh and keithole y do u always say "G'day?" im not EWW g ot be offensive just asking=]
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Keith Old answered
G'day Samstr,

Thank you for your question.

They like to look good and good clothes feel sensual. It depends on the girl but with some girls it is part of their psyche.


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