Why Has Our One Year Old Maltipoo Begun Licking And Chewing Clothing?


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Firstly, make sure the bedsheets and clothes she is licking don't have some food dropped on them. If they do, then this is normal behavior and she is just trying to get to the food.

If this is not the case, then Bella has developed a bad habit and needs to be trained to stop this. Make sure you consistently tell her "no" every time she licks something she is not supposed to. If you are not at home during the day then make sure she is in a room where she does not have access to anything she can lick so as to not reinforce this behavior. One way to make her stop is to put bitter apple on the places where she licks the most, this will encourage her to stop faster.

It's important that she change this habit soon as she could inadvertently lick something that could be toxic to her and get sick. The best way to change any habit of a dog's is consistent commands, and reward for good behavior.

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