If Possible, Determine The Power Expended When A Barbell Is Raised 5.0 M In 2 S?


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It is W=m*g*h*t=10*m*g, m is mass ,g is acceleration of gravity.
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It is not possible. One needs to know the mass of the barbell.
The power is the energy per time.
The energy is the force times the distance.
The force is the mass times the acceleration due to gravity.
If the mass is represented by "M", the power is
  P = (Energy)/(2 s)
  = (Force*(5 m))/(2 s)
  = (M*g*(5 m))/(2 s)
  = M*(9.8 m/s^2)*(5 m)/(2 s)
  = 24.5M W/kg
A watt (W) has the units kg*m^2/s^3
If your barbell has a mass of 3 kg, you will just about double your body's resting power production of ~70 W for the short duration required to raise that mass 5 meters.

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