How Do I Reinstate My Cosmetology License In Georgia?


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Nail Technicians, Aesthetician must take 5 hours of Continuing
Education to renew their georgia cosmetology license. Three hours must be a health; Safety Course including the
DTAE (Department of Technical and Adult Education) curriculum, the
other 2 hours may be filled with courses of your choice CE courses online will be allowed as a means of acquiring your, CE after the courses are properly registered with the board.
              License expiration date: (6 month late renewal period for individuals who miss the renewal period)
              Cosmetologist - March 31 of even years

                Nail technicians – August 31 of odd numbered years

                Aesthetician - August 31 of odd numbered years
of 25 years or longer may receive a waiver of the required CE. Also,
licensees who can prove to the Board that they have a hardship may
request a waiver.



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