Why do us girls shop a lot? Is it in our genes? How about guys playing with their videogames?


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Yeah its like natural or sumthimg88
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The boys go for the online shopping to get their required products only and close the shopping criteria within the less span and turns back to the home station. This is how most of the boys do but the girls stick to the shopping centers until they get matched one for them. This is why, the girls spend more time and money for the shopping mostly.

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Oh gosh my woman friends I like to call them professional shoppers, and I guess I am one of the few dudes who never got into videogames. I prefer outdoor sports much more better :)
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You're a real man! 8)
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Haha why thank you, but I don't know, I have a friend named Cassie who insists I'm just lazy for not wanting to shop and would just buy gift cards instead "shrugs" I think gift cards make an awesome gift.
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Yep we love to shop and spend our time looking around clothes stores and shoes ( boots are my weakness lol ).That's how we spend some of our free time while guys kill each other on Xbox or spend time fussing over their cars lol.It's a nice feeling when you get a designer item on discount !
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Basically the same thing, whatever one likes to do to escape the humdrums of everyday living

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