I'm A Girl But Sporty. Should I Buy Nikes, Fila, Reebok, Or Adidas? 


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Janey answered
I wear FILA, as it's cool, a bit more expensive and better quality and not too many people wear them either. I prefer to be a bit more individual than most people!
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Vin Ravun answered
Nike should do just fine if you are looking for comfort. I prefer Nike actually. Adidas is good too, but comparatively, Reebok shoes are cheaper. Tough to choose... I guess they are all equally popular.

Maybe you could try seeing what other people in your school/workplace are wearing, and simply go for something similar.

Alternatively, if you want to stay ahead of the game - then maybe you should opt for the brand that no-one is currently wearing. You'll be sure to stand out of the crowd that way.

The great thing about all of the brands you mentioned is that they offer a large number of different shoe designs. That way the chance of bumping into someone on the street that's wearing the same type of shoes as you is pretty slim!
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Emiliano munoz answered
Nike for shoes for training wear Adidas.
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Anonymous answered
Adidas maybe better, choose whatever you like.
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Maxine Chan answered
You can try Nike and Adidas... I collect mostly Adidas shoes and I have only one Nike pair.

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