Where can i buy a celty helmet online ( from durarara )?


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There are a few websites that sell Celty Helmets and Durarara merchandise,

It may be worth contacting these websites first to make sure that they will deliver to where you are.

Another suggestion would be to try eBay where you can usually find everything and anything. You will need to open an account to be able to take part in an auction or a "buy it now" sale. If you don't have an account yourself, maybe you can use somebody else's account - with permission of course.
Below you will find their web address.

• www.ebay.com

Once you have opened an account simply type into the search bar "Celty Helmet" and this will tell you instantly if there are any for sale.
If you are not successful keep trying as eBay changes constantly.

If you cannot find a Celty helmet to buy online you could always try making one yourself. There are plenty of tips and help online. This is worth thinking
about as it would be considerably cheaper to do this and you will feel a great sense of achievement if you succeed. Start off with a cheap second hand
helmet (you could pick one up at a car boot sale or a charity shop), and with the right color paints and a bit of help and guidance you could create your own.

Durarara is an extremely popular Japanese light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita. The first was issued in June 2004 and so far there have been 9 volumes.
Celty Sturluson is one of the characters that come to Japan in search of her stolen head. She wears the famous helmet when she goes outdoors and
communicates through a PDA. She is also known as "the Black Rider or "The Headless Rider".

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