In the state of Texas can you still receive your Cosmetology License if you have first offense DWI on your record?


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Unless driving is part of the requirements for a job, having a DWI on your record should have absolutely no impact on your employment, and this will also apply to your cosmetology license. It should make no difference whatsoever, and if it does, you can get advice and challenge the decision.

  • Texas DWI first offense
A first offense DWI (drinking while intoxicated) in Texas is considered to be a Class B Misdemeanor, and the penalties vary. Anybody convicted of this can expect one of three results: A fine of anything up to $2000; being remanded in custody for a minimum of 72 hours up to six days (but should there be a half-full vessel in the car on arrest, then the custody will be six days); or Community Service.

Community Service under Texan law dictates that this will be a minimum of 24 hours up to a maximum of 100 hours.

  • Other factors

It is usual for somebody who has been convicted of DWI for the first time in Texas to be given probation (community supervision). This is usually between one and two years, and will have conditions attached.

These can include having to accept being evaluated to see if you have a drug or alcohol problem and so be likely to re-offend, and attending a designated class within the first six months after a charge has been made. This last condition will mean that you will not lose your license for the usual year, unless you are under the age of 21 when the arrest was made.

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