In a recent article, the author states that 71% of adults do not use sunscreen. Although 71% is a large percentage, explain why it could be misleading?


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It could be a sample of people polled. 71 out of 100  people polled will make 71% but it truely does not necessary mean it represents the majority of the people. It is misleading because the 71% put in the majority group could be .8% because majority of the people live in states that only have summer 3 months of the year. Is this a poll of the year, or only on given days. Statistically speaking, any poll is usually a sample to represent the majority given room to error because the sample could be biased. Sample could be of people that don't go outside a lot (Biased).
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Surveys don't get feedback from everyone only a number of people that they ask also it depends on what type of people they ask, as well as where these people live, for example I wouldn't expect a guy in alaska to be wearing sunscreen at all

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