Is it normal if i wet myself with my pants up siting on the toilet i love the wet fealing and the heat im 14?


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david morrison Profile
david morrison answered
Um yea, probably not normal. Try a warm shower.
John Thomsen Profile
John Thomsen answered
Urine is cleansed and although you may not wish to do so it is even safe enough to drink so the urine is not the danger, sitting it would be dangerous and unhealthy.  The question is in what more "traditional" manner could you get this same feeling.  Are you male or female?  If you want to know more, shout at me and I can help you further.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
That is disgusting and wrong.
Yamuna Purushothaman Profile
Not really.. But, some body conditions would need it.. Better you consult the doctor and get helped out..
Hunter Turkey Profile
Hunter Turkey answered
It is kinda strange. But there is nothing wrong. Everyone is different. Take a shower if you have this feeling again.its better than wetting your self.....
essance Profile
essance answered
Thats kinda gross. But you sound like a thing called teen baby. There people who like to ware diapers and be changed and played with like a baby.

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