Is There A Symbol For 'Sister' In Native American Indian? I Want It As A Tattoo.also The One For Brother.


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There are some symbols that are said to mean 'sister' in Native American Indian. You can see a picture of this symbol for sister at
The small circle with an x is said to indicate female power, fertility and compassion. It is also significant that the two shapes are side-by-side. This is to show solidarity and the bond between the two as equals; they are sisters. If one of the symbols was actually placed on top of the other symbol then it would have a different meaning. The meaning in that case would be that it is the symbol for mother or grandmother as the top symbol is said to be a higher priority.

There is also a symbol for 'brother' in Native American Indian. You can find the image at If you scroll down the page until you find the image that has brother written underneath. As you can see when comparing the two images, there are some similarities. The fact both images have the two identical shapes side by side shows the unity and is also suppose to symbolize the sharing of the same blood line and genes.

As there are so many different Native American Tribes, they all have their own individual cultures, therefore it is likely that there are other symbols available that can also mean 'sister' if you aren't a fan of this particular image.

You should always think long and hard before committing to getting a tattoo. It will be with you for life and so should never be taken lightly. Also you must go to a registered and trusted tattoo parlor. It may be more expensive than a 'family friend' who could do it for but you are in better hands. You should also think about where on your body you are to get the tattoo. Will it be visible when you are at work or applying for jobs? Or is it going to be in a more private and reserved area? Make you consider all possible scenarios and that you are entirely sure you want the tattoo beforehand.

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