Where Can I Buy Von Dutch Menswear In London ?


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Von Dutch used to have a shop in Covent Garden, but the brand has since pulled out of its UK operations. As a result, there are no UK stand-alone Von Dutch stores, although you may still be able to pick up some left-over items from various tourist shops on Oxford Street.

Von Dutch in London
Von Dutch used to have a store located in 38 Floral Street, London WC2. This was the only official store in London, and their current website makes no mention of any plans to relaunch. Despite this, rumors are that the brand is planning to release a new range for the European market.

If you're looking for Von Dutch menswear, I would recommend either having a look online, or checking out some of the outlets on Oxford Street that seem to be selling left-over stock (although the authenticity of such items may be questionable).     

Alternatively, the brand is still active in:
  • Italy
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • The Philippines
So you could try looking for stores based in those countries that are able to deliver internationally. You could also travel to one of these countries to shop for menswear, but that sounds a bit excessive to me!

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